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Alan Meckler

One media industry innovator who needs little introduction is Alan Meckler, CEO and Chairman of Jupitermedia. From his heady, post-college days working for Senator Robert F. Kennedy to daring business ventures andtrade shows in the 90's and onto his leading role in breakthrough dot-coms, Meckler has provided dynamic leadership and insight creating a new business lexicon....

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Stock 2.0 is Here

Stock photography is a creative endeavor. Therefore itís not a stretch that the business models springing up around it are innovative and contemporary. Coupled with technology, they prove to be a bellwether for future technological development, merging world markets, and global communication...

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Apple Makes you Think Different?

Whether you are a Mac person or a PC person, even the briefest exposure to the Apple logo may make you behave more creatively, according to recent research from Duke Universityís Fuqua School of Business and the University of Waterloo, Canada...

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Next Generation Photography

Jack Hollingsworth is a top commercial image producer and Content Creation Partner. He plays a key role, both day-by-day as well as strategically for this changing era of Stock Photography. We recently spent some time with Jack to discuss the emerging picture of Stock 2.0...

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In a short period of several years, podcasts have become a serious challenge to radio listening. Music, politics, advice, it's all there. MacTribe gives you an easy route to get started and a few podcasts we recommend you check out...

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Digital Training
In today's creative fields of photography, advertising, graphic design, web media and copyrighting, access to the best education and training may be the key to success in a long and dynamic career. Hallmark institute stands out in relation to their ability to inspire, excite and create real world professionals...

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