Gadgets to Have a Blast With!

Steadicam: Steadicam Smoothee
Price: $149.00
Go smooth and steady with the Steadicam Smoothee. This innovative gadget makes your mobile device into a creative visual weapon. It is an excellent investment for those who may not have the steadiest of hands or for those who want to turn their iPhone into a full fledged action video camera. Steadicam Smoothee allows the photographer to capture priceless moments in a fluid movement. The Smoothee is quick and easy to setup and is great for both avid videographers and beginners alike. If you've ever dreamed of becoming a Hollywood movie director, this is the next best thing! (Director's chair not included).

Compatible with:
Apple iPhone 3Gs, Apple iPhone 4/4S/5, FLIP MinoHD, iPod Touch and GoPro Hero 3.

Eton: FRX3 Radio
Price: $60.00
Mother Nature is an unpredictable beast. While technology and electricity may be assumed and expected, it's important to realize that it is merely a luxury. That's where Eton's FRX3 Weather Radio comes in. Whether the FRX3 is used during a storm or in the mountains camping, Eton's design combines several components (one just as important as the next) into a single product. The FRX3 is a hand turbine AM/FM radio with a USB smart phone charger, a mini USB input, a solar panel, and LED flashlight. Believe it or not, that list doesn't even cover half of the features the Eton FRX3 provides. Coming in red/black and black/yellow, this is not only a safety must but would no doubt be popular among kids and scouts as well.
Akitio: Neutrino U3+ Laptop Hard Drive
Price: $79.95
A quick glance at the Neutrino U3+ Hard Drive enclosure makes me think, "Hey that will match my MacBook Pro!" While it is appealing to the eye and may fit perfectly into your cache of titanium-style devices, it is also extremely useful. A laptop hard drive is a must nowadays if you need expanded space for a creative project or just for backup. Akitio's Neutrino U3+ provides quality and depth that a hard drive enclosure should to cover all the bases in protecting the high-tech member of your family. The Neutrino boasts FireWire and USB 3.0 compatibility and these great features:

  • USB 3.0 SuperSpeed interface
  • USB 2.0 backwards compatible
  • FireWire 800 interface
  • FireWire 400 backwards compatible
  • Designed for 2.5" drives up to 12.5mm

  • HyperShop: HyperJuice Plug
    Price: $129.95
    The HyperJuice Plug is pretty in pink...and also in five other colors. But don't underestimate this well designed device. With the capacity to fully charge two iPads, and recharge your iPhone up to 7 times over, the HyperJuice Plug is basically a battery pack on steroids. When the Plug needs a fix, it has a retractable wall plug to easily refuel when the time comes. The HyperJuice Plug allows you to extend the life of your iPhone, iPad, conveniently, and even with a hint of style. Now the name makes sense. When your gadgets get dehydrated, quench their thirst with the HyperJuice Plug!
    Startech: 2m Thunderbolt Cable
    Price: $48.99
    This innocent and simple looking cable is actually quite brace yourself. The 2m Thunderbolt offers full 10Gbps performance and combines both data and video into one cable. They also allow for daisy chaining of up to six Thunderbolt devices, so if you have a stash, this feature may come in handy for you. And if that wasn't enough, the 2m Thunderbolt also has dual channel, bi-directional data transfer capability. For practical use, if your MacBook Pro display just isn't big enough, connect these bad boys to an iMac and you're in business. Added bonus: 2-year warranty.
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    Siri Hits the Road

    Insert Don McLean joke here-- Siri is coming to Chevy. This past June, Apple said it was working with auto manufacturers to integrate iOS (specifically, Siri) into cars, and General Motors has finally announced that two 2013 models will come with Eyes Free mode as part of the system. The Chevrolet Spark and Sonic will allow users to sync their iPhones with the car and use Siri's Eyes Free to do things they would normally have to fiddle with their phone to do. Users will be able to control the radio, make calls, text, and even ask questions or update their calendar. PC Mag's Adario Strange writes: "An interesting safety component of the Eyes Free mode is the fact that while active, the system will not illuminate the phone's screen as Siri usually would when responding to the user, thus avoiding distractions while driving. Another safety feature of Eyes Free mode prevents Siri from displaying a Web page when answering questions [...]"

    Ideally, this means safer driving for people who want (or need) to be using their phones while in the car, and a simpler way to do things (such as choose music) that many do on a daily basis.

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