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2009 Audio Guide  
MacTribe's Audio Spotlight
Editor's Picks

Etymotic Research hf5 High-Fidelity Earphones
Are you an audiophile that yearns for a top of the line upgrade for your iPod/iPhone earphones? Etymotic Research has released its fifth generation model ofetymotic high fidelity earphones. The new model boasts a variety of eartips, from flanged silicon to foam, which fit gently and firmly inside the ear canal and also block out all external noise. Meticulous care was taken by Etymotic Research to test soundwave accuracy and responsiveness, as well as a snug and comfortable ear fit for noise reduction. As a result, volume levels can stay low, and music crispness, quality, and clarity remain true. These headphones can block out external sound from 35-45 decibels, which make them perfect for that potentially jarring metropolitan subway commute, gym workout, or for the office. Etymotics hf5 headphones are available in black, scarlet, and electric blue. For the exquisite quality, these high-frequency headphones are worth every penny. Highly Recommended!
Available exclusively at

Sleek Audio SA6 Adjustable Earphones
Sleek AudioSleek Audio's new release is the SA6 Adjustable Earphones and is catching an audible buzz (the good kind). The unique swiveling treble tips allow you to adjust what type of frequency you wish to emphasize. Bass filters also do not drown out higher frequencies to allow for a broad spectrum of sound. These earphones are lightweight, (.5 oz.), and conveniently come with interchangeable swivel cables. The option of replaceable cables allows you to take care of your investment and go green with your earphones.
iPhone cord options and wireless option available separately.
Highly Recommended!
iSkin Cerulean F1
iSkinThe Cerulean F1 Bluetooth Headset is another fine offering from iSkin products. This clever little headset offers a back ear clip to keep them placed perfectly in any ear shape. You have the power to control exactly what song/conversation you wish to listen to with just a tap or two on the ear controls. These lightweight, stylish numbers are Leopard compatible, and allow you to take calls by any Volp/Bluetooth enabled mobile. Snap, tap, and hello!
Kensington's Bluetooth Headphones W/Mic
KensingtonKensington's comfortable Bluetooth wireless headset has a fantastic over the ear design that is stylish and powerful. Tap the ear control and answer a phone call with the adjustable microphone, the then effortlessly snap back to your favorite song. Perfect for multitasking at the office, with an impressive 66-foot wireless range. PC and Mac Leopard compatible, this headset has a rechargeable lithium ion battery that keeps the music coming for up to 23 hours.
Upbeat Audio Boostaroo
Upbeat AudioIf you ever find yourself hoping for that 11 setting on your iPod volume dial, Upbeat Audio's Boostaroo AC/USB powered amplifier and splitter is what you are seeking. The Boostaroo gives you the luxury to connect your music to your computer, headphones, or speakers while helping to extend battery power and boost volume. Do take advantage of the "double volume boost" while fighting video villains, jetting to your next holiday, or driving off into the sunset.
Blue Ant M1
Blue antBlue Ant's M1 stereo speakers allow for Bluetooth music and audio transmission from your iPod, iPhone, LCD television, or computer. The reception to Bluetooth connectivity is up to 10 meters, which allows you to place the music or conversation exactly where you want it. All audio is delivered at 28 Watts RMS, which is impressive for a Bluetooth amplifier, and the rechargeable battery allows for cordless positioning almost anywhere. These Blue Ants are truly excellent!
Digital Signature's Mint Audio 220
Mint220 iPodThe new Mint Audio line from Digital Signature offers refreshing digital fidelity with its Mint 220 model iPod player. Texas Instruments purepath digital audio amplification ensures excellent performance. The included wireless USB transmitter allows 2.4 GHz audio streaming and digital wireless transmission for up to 45 feet. The handy remote control adds additional freedom to your listening experience. Two 3.5 full range peerless transducers enable impressively complex sound to emerge from such a compact speaker. Refreshing Mint fidelity is available now.
Skullcandy Skullcrushers
SkullcandySkullcandy offers the traditional covered-ear headphone system with the added benefit of edgy full and deep bass transduction. The mini subwoofers in the Skullcrushers Multimedia model help blow those winter blues away while keeping the warm techno/hip-hop beats flowing and making that early morning caffeine rush unnecessary. There is the added benefit of keeping your ears warm this winter while trekking to the office, classroom, or club. The adorable skull motif keeps your headphones as fun and funky as you are.
Jensen Banshee Jiss-330
Banshee AudioJensen has launched the Jiss-330 Banshee Audio iPod speaker system. It simultaneously plays and recharges your iPod while providing full sound and an eye-catching design. This ingenious system is complete with a video line out to give you the freedom to play your iPod video on your television screen. The included remote control and cables allow the option to connect your video game system, computer, or almost any sound-emitting peripheral to a fuller listening and/or viewing experience.
Logitech Pure-fi Mobile

Logitech offers the Pure-fi mobile wireless speaker/microphone system. These wireless speakers give you the freedom to receive a Bluetooth signal up to 33 feet away from your phone. Their 2-inch drivers deliver sparkling full spectrum sound with sophisticated acoustics. Use as a speakerphone with the option of using two built-in microphones. The included carrying case protects your cables and speakers wherever you may need them. Hear, here, or wherever you may be.

Ultimate Ears by Logitech
The iPhone-compatible 4vi Ultimate EarsAre you a rock god looking for a stellar design accessory for your gorgeous new iPhone that lets you hear every word and song lyric? Ultimate Ears 4vi by Logitech uses the same technology as custom headsets worn by the Rolling Stones and the Killers. Ultimate Ears 4vi is an iPhone-compatible earphone that provides -26 dB of noise isolation and superior sound quality, so you are free to take your call in a loud environment or listen to your music without external distractions. The sparkling aluminum earpieces compliment the futuristic look of the phone, and the inline control button will let you switch from call to music in a snap!

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